Polish hackers Piotr Smirnov and Patrick Sumachki decided to try their luck. They turned to the largest corporation with the threat of hacking a gambling club. In order for the casino to avoid serious consequences, an ultimatum was voiced in which the attackers demanded 50% of all shares of the corporation.

The owner was shocked by this statement. After all, he knew the participants personally for several years and did not suspect anything. It was thanks to this acquaintance that hackers knew many details in the structure of the casino.

However, they failed here. The owner did not make contact and the attackers had no choice but to start translating the threats into reality. The decision to hack the American server did not bring luck: they were figured out. Thus, Peter and Patrick ended up in the dock, where the verdict was passed: to compensate material damage in full, as well as serve a sentence in custody for 4 and 5 years, respectively.

What’s up with Playtech?

An unusual incident occurred at the Playtech machines located in the Va-bank casino, Grand Casino and Casino Europe. Hackers from Belarus took jackpots one by one by hacking into certain machines. In total, the prize was about $ 400,000. What happened?

Nothing is known about this incident. An expert check showed that the slot machines were not hacked, the gaming software remained intact. How the guys managed to win is not clear.

A Silly Mistake Cowboys Casino

The Canadians were stunned by what was happening. One fine day, hackers placed all the information that was carried out within the walls of this institution.

All personal data of clients and investors, as well as money transactions of the gambling club, appeared on the file hosting Pastebin.

Thus, the hackers forced the casino owners to install security systems that were simply missing, threatening to spit out even more transactions if action was not taken.

DEOSBet – ship wreck

For hackers who hacked into this casino, it was not difficult to step into the same river twice. The first time a blockchain casino failed and 200 thousand $ disappeared from its accounts in a matter of minutes. This unpleasant situation did not help the casino to take measures to improve its security system.

A month later, the hackers visit the casino again and take away $ 138,000, which is almost equal to the initial amount of money collected.

Such unusual stories can often be found. Here and there, someone is trying to hit the jackpot by hacking the system. Some people succeed and some do not. In any case, it is important to remember that such a perfidious interference leads to a prison sentence of several years. And of course the money received by dishonest means will have to be returned. But apparently the excitement of hackers also absorbs them, as well as the player who has visited this institution.